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Collaboration for a Strong Home Visiting System

The most significant and enriching developmental years of a child’s life are from zero to age three. Building health and education readiness for the next generation requires commitment from more than one sector of early childhood intervention. True collaboration in working across early childhood systems is all about utilizing the relational work of building capacity for the next generation.

But it’s the systems integration work that really will determine the kind of outcomes we can see as a result of our home visiting. Home visitation is only one of a number of tools to enhance and broaden the scope and strategic approach to a high-quality early childhood.

The strategic development and partnership building to make improvements in maternal, child and family health are integral components in building a strong, integrated early childhood system.  South Carolina believes in a socio-ecological framework emphasizing early childhood development within a system of strong family, community and the larger society. One of the state’s overarching goals is to strengthen the infrastructure of this framework in order to assist in decreasing risk factors and increasing protective factors. This can only be done with the joint efforts of a strong early childhood system.

The foundation for these collaborative efforts of strengthening the systems and supports must be rooted in the specific needs of individual families. As families acknowledge those needs and are identified, service providers can be more readily responsive to know what systems and availabilities are present to improve outcomes and self-sufficiency for families.