Medical Home Integration

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Shared Goals, Amplified Outcomes

Primary care and the pediatric medical home play a critical role in achieving positive health and wellness outcomes for children and families. Given home visiting’s focus on the child’s physical, emotional and intellectual development, the two share many goals when it comes to supporting healthy, happy families and communities.

Home visiting program models implemented in South Carolina emphasize the importance of the medical home’s role in attaining health and development outcomes by helping to connect families with primary care, reinforcing messages and information on child development, and working with providers to best meet the needs of families when it comes to their care.

Medical homes also serve as a key entry point into support services for the vast majority of at-risk families with young children, which is why partnership with home visiting is especially important in assuring that services reach those most in need. In South Carolina, several sites based in medical homes provide home visiting services to families. These sites include private pediatric practices, federally qualified health centers, and hospital outpatient and pediatric clinics. They enroll clients from their patient populations into home visiting services onsite.

Home Visiting Medical Home Partnership Benefits

  • Reinforced messaging
  • Improved identification of family needs and culturally competent care
  • Enhanced communication with families
  • In-home environment and safety assessments
  • Care coordination
  • Depression and developmental screening
  • Immunization schedule and well-child visit compliance
  • Enhance family participation in well-child visits


By continuing to build partnerships between home visiting programs and medical homes in South Carolina, we can ensure that families achieve the best possible outcomes in health and wellness as they benefit from care that meets their specific needs.